TaikaBox DigiDance workshops can be tailored for a variety of community groups, such as children, young people and different disability groups. We can run the workshop as a drop-in, giving people the opportunity to play with video and sound environments that respond to movement, or as a class that introduces levels of interactivity in a fun and creative way.

Summer Work Placements

Throughout June 2017, TaikaBox is working with three teenagers, introducing them to how the company works and collaborating on the…

DigiDance drop-in sessions – Spring 2017

DigiDance drop-in sessions are workshops for young people in and around Oulu throughout Spring 2017. The workshops integrate dance, interactive…
Benjiamino Borghi adopts the pose of a digital angel during a TaikaBox workshop

DigiDance Workshop in Helsinki

https://youtu.be/EuQZSNm6Ut4 On Sunday, we ran a 2-hour workshop in Helsinki, for the Intercultural Weekend at Zodiak. It was a great…