Digital Shaman in Oulu

“For one hour, it continued.
The smoke kept spewing and mysterious music repeated with her dance.
Yes, It really looked some kind of ritual, which was hard to know.
But the light behind, was beautiful with windblown leaves in the forest background. 
For this one hour, I don’t know where I was. 
Tanja, dressed up like an animal, was dancing for rites. Slowly and repeatedly.
One point, the forest light disappeared and the digital age came. 
The music also changed, with more mechanical sound. 
It was another kind of beauty, different from the nature, but still beautiful. 
The hundreds of beams lightened the dancer, and an indescribable scene was made.
As the one appreciator said, it was really “mahtava”
I don’t really know how to explain,
but my one hour passed with strange feeling that I have never experienced.”
Euthium Lee, The Open Door

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