Coil/Recoil: journeying deeper

The journey of developing Between Coil and Recoil has continued. This time we are in Oulu Finland, working in the loft studio space at Oulu City Theatre. The original plan was to produce this work in a gallery setting, but due to unforeseen refurbishment of the Oulu Museum of Art, we had to find another solution. The location has very much shaped the piece and it has become an experience that you need to immerse yourself into rather than pass by.

There has been three months since working on this project intensively. I feel we had reached such a depth in our previous residency at Theatr Harlech back in May that  it left me wondering where we could possibly go next. My choreographic understanding was fundamentally rearranged.

As well as producing a new piece of work, this project is about developing my choreographic practice. I decided to stay open and allow things to evolve organically. Between Coil and Recoil has stayed as an improvised piece that very much relies on developing tools to sense energy in ourselves, each other and the space around us independently and simultaneously. The creative process has been about playing, discovering and allowing structures and tools to surface and our presence mature naturally.

We have now led three open rehearsal sessions in Oulu, which have completely convinced me about this way of working. The piece has taken shifts forward by us working with the public and people have gained very unique experiences in return. I will certainly integrate the open rehearsal model into my production practice.

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