Sinfonia/Taika: first steps of an epic journey

The first stage of Sinfonia/Taika project started at the end of October and we spent a week in Cardiff working with Sinfonia Cymru – an innovative chamber orchestra from Wales. This is the first time we have collaborated together and the ambition is to produce a piece of work together bi-nationally as TaikaBox is now based in Wales and in Finland.

The idea of Sinfonia/Taika is to combine classical music, contemporary dance and an interactive visual environment, but we want to go deeper than music, dance and visuals. The very first stage of the project was to test out if we could find a deeper connection between the players and the dancers and through that connection find an integration of music and dance.

The use of breath became an important connector. We discovered that the players and the dancers tend to use their breath in their work quite differently from each other. This gave us a great opportunity to explore movement material that didn’t have a direct link to the music but to the player’s breathing pattern. This created an interesting connection between the movement and the music.

The final production will consists of two new compositions – one from a Finnish composer and another from a Wales-based composer – especially created for Sinfonia Cymru. The production will feature a cast of 5 contemporary dancers and 7 players. This initial week also gave us a very clear indication of what is logistically and structurally needed in order for the production to become reality. The main thing will certainly be that the creative team, including the composers, has plenty of studio time together over a longer period of time in order to gain greater insights into each other’s worlds and a better understanding of each other.


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