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TaikaBox is currently looking for five improvisers and one editor for performances of Please Switch On that will take place in Oulu – on the outdoor stage at Rotuaari on 20th June and at Voimala1889 on 21st August. Please Switch On (PSO) is an improvised performance during which the audience contributes to the show by sharing short stories with their mobile phones and by voting on how the event evolves.

TaikaBox created the PSO concept and web app in the UK in 2014. PSO is a ecological touring concept in which the performers are local to the performance venue. During an hour-long event we create about 15 short performances based on the stories the audience sends in. The audience also decide elements of sound, video and lighting.

For the Oulu performances, we are looking for a multicultural team of dancers, actors and musicians from different styles. The performers need to be able to improvise and feel confident to spontaneously respond to the requirements of the audience. PSO is a game that we all are involved in. The ability to speak different languages is a bonus, as well as ability in different dance styles. The editor should be comfortable with using computers and be fluent in Finnish and English. Performers will be paid 175€ per performance.

The workshop/audition will take place at Pohjansali in Aleksinkulma (Aleksanterinkatu 9) on 13th June from 10:00 until 14:00. There will be no other rehearsal before the first performance. To apply please send a short email with your CV to

The performance at Rotuaari on 20th June is organized as part of Oulun Päivät -programme in partnership with Oulu City Immigrant Council to celebrate International Refugee Day. The performance at Voimala1889 on 21st August is part of Oulu Dance Hack 18 organized by TaikaBox ry and OAMK. The project is supported by Oulu City valistustalo foundation.

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