Warjakka Artists Residency – Introducing the Artists

This year’s artists residency begins on 15th July and we are excited to be bringing these three artists together to see what they can create in Varjakka.

Sunčica P.K. is an artist and a cultural worker from Serbia. As an artist she focuses on semantics, psychogeographical walks and process. She explores how we shape and inhabit our environment, as well as how we communicate with it. In her work she is guided by the idea that besides walking we also communicate and write our reality, places, thoughts and meanings through our language. 

Inkeri Jäntti is a Finnish photographer born and based in Oulu. She has a long history focusing on event photography and especially working with circus artists and dancers. In her more conceptual work she likes to focus on abandoned spaces, non-places and interpretations of femininity. Currently she’s very interested in exploring how a photographer can collaborate with artists from other disciplines.

Nancy Dewhurst is an intermedia artist from the UK. Her practice spans sculpture, video, installation and community engagement. Recently her works have been interactive installations, that require input from the viewer for their completion. She enjoys working on projects outside of traditional gallery spaces, frequently creating site-specific artworks that respond to these unusual sites.

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