Summer Assistant – Venla Hyrynkangas


I am Venla –  Varjakka’s multifunction Summer employee. During July, I will work in various positions in Varjakka. My duties include running daily guided tours of the Art Walk, maintaining the community garden of Ervastinkyl√§ Village Association and producing content for the Warjakka YouTube channel.

I am 18 years young and I live in Oulunsalo. After the summer, I will start my school year in Osyki, the upper secondary school of the Finnish Co-educational School in Oulu. In my free time I enjoy crafts, horseriding and scouting. Currently, scouting takes up most of my free time. We hike a lot on patrol, so working in nature has felt very appropriate for me. I’m used to organising patrol teams to plan events, tours and other activities. I have learned a lot of useful skills this summer that can be applied to scouting.

I applied for the Summer work because I wanted to get into the outdoors as a counterbalance to school work. I have always been interested in old buildings because they are beautiful and I find their stories fascinating. I think you can find a really nice environment with houses in Varjakansaari. It has been interesting to get to know the rich history of the sawmill community. I hope that the buildings will be restored to their proper condition in the future.

Unfortunately, the artist’s residence has been canceled due to the current Coronavirus situation, so the island will be reached this summer mainly on the basis of looking after the site.

The work with TaikaBox is nice and varied, there have been no two similar working days!

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