Danny Kenny

Hey, I’m Danny, I have recently started a work placement here at TaikaBox.

I am currently studying Finnish at OSAO school – se on tosi vaikea mutta olen parannan! Part of the course includes a work training period to help students integrate into Finnish working life and develop their language skills – and it’s great that I have the opportunity to work at the creative hub that is TaikaBox.

I am from Liverpool, England and moved to Oulu two years ago. My girlfriend is an Oululainen and we have an 8-month old son who will soon be speaking better Finnish than me!

My background is in scriptwriting, I have had sitcom scripts developed with the BBC and production companies in the UK, with various radio sketch and sitcom credits. Now I am in Finland, I have worked with Solar Films and Funfar Films, assisting on projects and developing my own original ideas.

I hope to use my skills to develop TaikaBox’s creative projects as well as assisting in all aspects of marketing – and of course show off my dancing skills every morning at the Morning Rave!


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