Restless Legs at Night, Raving Legs in the Morning


For the last five years or so, I have suffered from ‘Restless Leg Syndrome’, something I had never even heard of before it slowly wormed its way in, like a little creep in the middle of the night.

Soon it became a big problem, (I think it was punishing me for not having heard about it previously). It comes in waves, sometimes I have months of perfectly normal, albeit rather too hairy legs – but then the Restless Legs would hit me and they’d hang around for months just like they’d disappear for months. And when they go, they don’t call or write or say when they’ll be back – they just turn up at your door like a crazy ex (*note – I have no crazy exs).

Each time, I foolishly hope that it will be only be around for a few days maximum – but two months later, it has moved in and their toothbrush is in the bathroom cupboard.

Like most conditions, we have a tendency to focus too much on what can help and not what is the root cause. The fact that Restless Legs Syndrome comes and goes in periods suggests that there is a link between my body and brain – surely it doesn’t randomly decide to just pop in? Or get bored inside another person’s legs and just fancies a change?

Like most physical problems in the body, I have foolishly hoped that it just ‘goes away’ whilst trying some (definitely and totally legitimate) Googled techniques like massage or stretching – these can help somewhat but the relief is only temporary. In other words, I’m busy (mostly) so I’ve just gotten on with it.

Then I started TaikaBox’s Morning Rave classes every day and suddenly my restless legs disappeared, goodbye crazy ex! Maybe you’ve been arrested in Mexico. I have even got really good at the Finnish language and became generally much more intelligent – ok, ok, as you probably guessed, I am somewhat exaggerating.

However, I have been doing the Morning Rave for three weeks now and I have seen a noticeable improvement in my Restless Legs – they’re becoming more Rest Legs. Coincidence? Maybe? But maybe not? The Morning Rave is all about releasing your anxieties and freeing yourself through dancing, with breathing and movement techniques to help encourage these. Of course, the regular physical movement helps and combine this with the mental benefits of the Morning Rave (as mentioned earlier, they’re must be a mental link to why I have this) then maybe this is to why I am seeing evident improvements in my condition and long may it continue. I’m putting its toothbrush in the bin.


Danny Kenny is a British scriptwriter, currently studying Finnish language and spending the Autumn with TaikaBox on a work placement programme.

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