Is your business depressed after the Corona lockdown?

Starving for innovative marketing strategies? Out of creative ideas? 

Not satisfied with sales level?

TaikaBox is happy to #artboost your business! Dare to be a gamechanger! 

We are introducing our new project designed exclusively for your business.


TaikaBox has developed a project especially for business to promote, develop – or inspire – your product as well as increase the employees' work efficiency and encourage lateral thinking.


What do you get in the result?

  • Help with innovative product development
  • New - creative - way of thinking in the company
  • New kind of publicity! You and your product are seen in a new way with better recognition offline and online, get new angles to target clients
  • Increase your representation in social media and online in general
  • Build your long-term sales index
  • Encourage a better – more creative & less stressful working atmosphere and healthier relations between colleagues and employees, enhancing their self-confidence and nourishing imagination
  • Invest in your reputation as an innovative and creative business and become a newsmaker
  • Gain exclusive multimedia marketing materials and new ideas on marketing and advertising strategies


How does it work?


Together with TaikaBox professionals we create an exclusive workshop and/or performance with your product and employees where the product is used as an art object, and employees choose how they are involved in the artwork.

The workshop/performance is staged and choreographed by TaikaBox co-founder and artistic director Tanja Råman – a Finnish dance artist and choreographer with over twenty years of experience of working in the international dance scene.

TaikaBox co-founder and technical director British video artist, designer and DJ John Collingswood, a specialist in interactive systems design who will oversee the recontextualising process, integrating your product into a performance environment.

Tanja and John come to your office for free to hear about your specific needs, wishes and circumstances. Then you are welcome to choose one of the three ArtBoost packages.

The smallest package costs 2000 euros and includes one day of practical work with the team inspiring innovative work and freeing imagination. The workshop includes limited multimedia coverage for further marketing, such as a number of photos and videos.  

The medium package - 4000 - 10000 euros - involves more days of practical work and more marketing materials, as well as TaikaBox sharing your product with our audiences by a well-planned and creatively implemented online multimedia advertising campaign. The price depends on how many days we spend together developing your product and how regular we post about your product in our social media. 

The biggest package costs 15000 euros and implies up to ten days of joint work, multimedia marketing materials, online advertising campaign, and a 15-minute performance choreographed by TaikaBox involving your product. The performance is happening in your office, at our studio on Pikisaari, or any chosen location and is intensely documented through multimedia coverage, including photos, videos and text. This event can be held privately or publicly, offline or online with live broadcast available on chosen platforms, promoted along the way together with your product and brand. 


Why would it work?

TaikaBox has been developing and testing the ArtBoost project for three years. We know how well it works, because we had the feedback, witnessed the positive effects and have been using our experience to make it work even better. We know for sure how good ArtBoost is in both short and long perspective in terms of innovative development and marketing and creating a productive - knowing no stress or lack of ideas - atmosphere in your team.

We have worked with such companies as PROBOT, GreenLed, C2 Smart Light and we have a long-term reliable partnership with Business Oulu.

Together we have thoroughly researched how business meets art in a way that benefits both sectors. We, on behalf of art, are looking for new ways to explore artistic challenges. You, on behalf of business, are looking for better ways to run it effectively. ArtBoost is where our interests meet.