Using a combination of movement, live music and interactive video projection, Beyond the Body takes the audience on a mystical journey through amazing digital landscapes.

Beyond the Body is a culmination of extensive research into areas such as; shamanism, subtle energies, mysticism and extra-sensory perception, and unfolds on a white stage amongst the shifting light of two projectors. The dancers’ movement ranges from the meditative to the explosive as they intertwine with the projected images of otherworldly landscapes, mystical symbols and shimmering energy fields all blended live with a hypnotic, multi-layered soundscape by Eyebrow.

Beyond the Body was performed at Taliesin in Swansea on 8th November 2012, and has toured to Caernarfon, Abertillery, Newport, Aberystwyth, Harlech, Llanelli, Cardiff and Edinburgh.


Choreography – Tanja Råman

Design – John Collingswood

Dancers – Daisy Natale, Tilly Webber, Noora Kela, Hal Smith, Marc Saad and Karol Cysewski

Costume – Neil Davies

Music – Eyebrow (Pete Judge and Paul Wigens)

Workshop Leaders: Les Lancaster, Adeola Dewis, Nigel Mills and Ailsa Richardson

Digital Media Apprentice – Bruno Perosa

Co-Production and Marketing – Taliesin

Beyond the Body is made possible with the support of Arts Council of Wales, Taliesin, Chapter, Coreo Cymru, the Riverfront,  Cardiff Metropolitan University, National Dance Company Wales and Ffin Dance, with sponsorship from Run and Become, Cardiff and Blue Sky Stock Footage, Santa Fe.