Work starts 1st Feb 2023
Contract: full-time, permanent, 6-month trial period
Apply by 15th Dec 2022, Interviews (in English) in January 2023

Could you be TaikaBox’s Communications Manager?

We are looking for a nice person to join our small team of nice people. We are keen to hear from an expert in communications who is an easy-going, yet self-motivated, creative thinker and doer. Preferably you already have experience of working in the arts/culture/creative industries. But if not, we can take you there. You are very good at knowing how to get the best out of different social media platforms and you don’t fear to explore new ways of engaging people in the arts. You are at ease working with other people and you have excellent written and spoken English and Finnish language skills.

You would be in charge of steering the overall development of our communications, but also catch the best moments during projects. As we are a dance and technology association operating in Oulu you would need to live nearby to make it work.

We are excited about making interesting projects mixing all sorts of imaginable things with arts and connecting with other people and organisations along the way. It is fun, it pushes art and culture in new directions and it makes a difference in people’s lives.

If this sounds like you, then let us know. TaikaBox is an equal opportunities employer – by signing a contract with us you would also commit to TaikaBox’s non-discriminatory policy.

Send us your CV (in Finnish or English) together with a brief letter (in English), in which you tell more about yourself. Tell us about your previous work history, education and how you think you could contribute to TaikaBox. Any special skills that could add something to our organisation? And also please suggest a monthly wage bracket. Email us at:

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