The Art of Collaboration

TaikaBox just had a meeting with Moon to rethink PSOYMP. Our experience of the event last Saturday has helped us reflect on not just the project itself but also how we collaborate with each other.

The beauty of the Digital R & D Fund for Arts in Wales is that it genuinely aims to link arts organisations with digital companies. It has also brought a challenge: having quickly to find a productive way to collaborate. In my opinion, one of the aspects that we overlooked in the beginning of this project was an understanding of how each organisation works and how to capitalise on this. As a result, the development of the choreographic and digital systems stayed separate and rigid.

We have now gone back to the basics – revisited our research question and our working approaches. I believe that it is important that all collaborators have a channel to explore the research question in the way that they can contribute most effectively. For me this is spending time in a studio, gaining a physical sense of the digital system and engaging in an open dialogue with my collaborators, as well as reflecting on my process. Our digital partners, on the other hand, need other tools and communication mechanisms.

The first event has been an invaluable learning experience. I feel confident that this is helping us to go deeper into the research and to create a stronger project.


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