on approaching the end of the research period

So – we’ve done our three public beta tests – and squeezed in another (semi-public) event – and now its time to begin evaluating the project.

From the initial idea: to increase audience engagement in dance with the use of mobile technology – we have come a long way. If the test event in Llanelli is anything to go by, we certainly increased audience engagement. The people who saw the performance – both in-house and online – gave very positive feedback. It was a bit chaotic and a lot of hard work, but lots of fun and we managed to give people a good experience with contemporary dance.

We seem to have identified a number of strands that have emerged, almost micro-projects, that could all develop in different ways:

– the in-house event, not restricted to performance in theatre spaces
– the online event, with or without an in-house audience
– the hybrid system as an educational/creative development tool
– the stories turned into video postcards as an audience development exercise

The challenge now is in finding ways to take the project further.


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