Imagine arriving at the theatre to see a show. Normally you would be asked to turn off your mobile phone and sit quietly in the dark, watching the end results of someone else’s creative process.

Tonight, though, is different:- Projected onto the back wall is a call to action displaying a web address engaging everyone in the audience to individually access a simple web application on their mobile devices. Whilst waiting for the performance to begin you are encouraged to share a personal experience. As you type out your story, the wall starts to fill up with different people’s words.

You can vote on which stories you like best, and the overall favourite is taken by the team of dancers, choreographer and artist and processed into movement. The audience are consulted on ways in which to develop the movement into a choreographic sequence, what the soundtrack and lighting should be, and when to move on to the next story.

Each time the experiment takes place, it will be unique, and people will be able to see how their stories have become dance.

Our aims are to develop ways of demystifying contemporary dance, engaging with an audience and dismantling the time & space limitations of performing in a theatre. By creating new digital tools, we will enable the audience to contribute to a performance, becoming joint authors of the work and witnessing how their contributions are choreographically processed. We believe that by making the work relevant to an audience, we can work towards breaking down the barriers that often exist between an artist and the general public, the traditional hierarchy that dictates that the audience are passive witnesses of the director’s vision.