The village of Varjakka sits in the forests on the edge of the Bay of Bothnia, just outside Oulu, Finland. The quiet village consists of a few hundred households, a school and a bar, a harbour and a ghost island - but dip into the past and you uncover a vibrant history, with Warjakka Island home to a sawmill industry that employed over 700 people during the start of the 20th century. In 1929 the sawmill closed down and the island was gradually abandoned, leaving a few buildings and traces of the community that once lived and worked there.

TaikaBox has an ongoing project to initiate cultural activities in the area and use the arts as a new engine to revitalise the village. We call our project Warjakka after the old name for the village. It includes artist residency programmes, archeological research, community gardens, workshops and courses, an augmented reality heritage app, collecting stories from members of the community and making films and other artwork.

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