TaikaBox DigiDance workshops can be tailored for a variety of community groups, such as children, young people and different disability groups. We can run the workshop as a drop-in, giving people the opportunity to play with video and sound environments that respond to movement, or as a class that introduces levels of interactivity in a fun and creative way.

The basic DigiDance package is designed to tour into schools. We find that ages 7 - 12 are probably the most receptive. It tours in the boot of a car and can be set up in 30 minutes, although 45 minutes is preferable. We use our own sound system and 2 small projectors mapped together. The benefit of doubling the projected image is twofold - we get a brighter image, and it greatly reduces shadows, focusing the dancer's attention on what they are creating, rather than what they are doing. We use a Kinect sensor as the input for the system and have designed a series of tasks based on the idea of painting with light.

The 45-minute workshop starts with a physical warm-up that gets bodies and brains working and provides useful resources for the creative tasks that follow.

The aims of the workshop are: 

  • To encourage children to move in ways that they usually don't

  • To prove that dance need not be scary/irrelevant/elitist

  • To provide a safe environment for creative expression

  • To introduce children to the fascinating world of dance/tech

  • To have fun

The participant's development over the 45 minutes is often quite remarkable. Using the light painting technology really helps children who have very little confidence in their bodies to loosen up and experiment with new movement patterns, and to enjoy extending their movement language.

Photos from the Mini Hack


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