Over several years TaikaBox has toured to countless schools leading DigiDance workshops. These workshops have been very popular amongst children and their teachers. In almost every school the participants have been asking where it would be possible to continue learning about DigiDance. Previously the answer has been: nowhere. DigiDance workshops are our concept that we have created over the years. Now we have a studio where we can set up regular DigiDance classes, courses and workshops and start making it possible to participate in DigiDance as a hobby in Oulu. 

Come and try DigiDance at our Open Doors session at Pikisaarentie 13 C1 on 12th Sept from 11am-1pm. You can drop in without preregistration. Please, note we can only take maximum of 20 people in the studio at one time. 

The first DigiDance course starts a week later on Sat 19th Sept. The classes are held over five weeks on Saturdays at 11am-12pm. The classes contain warm-up, movement tasks, creative dancing with interactive projection, relaxation and stretching. The course is aimed at 8 to 12 year old children. We can take up to 10 participants on this course. The participants don't need previous dance experience. The aim of the course is to develop the participants' physical skills, improve their confidence and inspire them to dance. DigiDance is fun!

The five week course costs 75€ and you can buy it only through our website: here. You can register for the course whilst making the payment. Remember to let us know the name and age of the participant. 

Photos from the Mini Hack


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