I love to move, I love to see people moving. It is fascinating to try to understand another person by just watching them moving. I think that sometimes, when people are dancing, if you look closely enough, you can get a glimpse of their soul.

I started dancing quite late in life – I was 16 when I found my first dance class in a small town in rural Finland. From there, it has been a rollercoaster of a ride that took me to England to train (Leeds, then London) and to Wales to start up my company and my family. I have finally managed to convince my parents that choreographing and performing is a proper job.

I believe that humans are made of much more than flesh and bone – that we are a complex recipe of matter, energy, experience and emotion. These provide an endless source of curiosity to me and my goal is to explore them through movement and choreography.

After eighteen years of living in the UK, I returned to my roots in Northern Finland. I am re-discovering my native country and its beauty is having a huge influence on my artistic practice.


I create art out of hybrid systems, combining humans and computers into something that's more post-digital.

I grew up in a cultural tundra in the Midlands of England, and have travelled far and wide in search of new ways of being creative, for a while settling in Cardiff where I constantly expanded my knowledge by collaborating with myriad performers.

Now I’m in Northern Finland, and permanently astounded by the proximity to nature and the elements. My work has recently been focussed on finding ways to involve the audience in dance work, and now my aim is to bring in some of the outside world as well.

You can find out more about my individual practice in my portfolio: dbini.com