TaikaBox is all about collaboration. We team up with local technology businesses for regular collaborative research projects, developing new ways to integrate dance and technology and providing unique product development opportunities for businesses.




TaikaBox and Probot have been working together since 2016. Their collaborative research has produced films, demonstrations and performances that integrate dance and industrial robotics.




Near Real provides the tech for the Connected Studio System which enables TaikaBox to collaborate with artists anywhere in the world.

The partnership was initiated in 2021 with a Tech Art grant from Oulu City.




The first 3 Oulu Dance Hack intensives were hosted at OAMK dance studios and EduLAB.
We integrate media and dance students from OAMK into each Oulu Dance Hack.

Become a TaikaBox collaborator – invest in technology and art!

By becoming a TaikaBox collaborator you get innovative opportunities in 

  • marketing 
  • sales 
  • PR
  • product development
  • high-tech research

We collaborate with businesses within a variety of projects, such as Dance Hacks, TaikaTalk and ArtBoost, on art festivals and within Oulu2026 campaign activities. 

ArtBoost involves an artistic innovative approach in product development, marketing strategies and management.

TaikaTalk increases media activity that features your company's vision. We conduct interviews and create multimedia content in the format of an online magazine supported by promotion in social media.

By investing in TaikaBox you get positive and creative change:

  • your company's logo linked to your website is on the TaikaBox website
  • we feature you in our social media platforms
  • you get privileged access to our multimedia projects and technological and dance workshops 

The positive change leads to positive results:

  • better online and offline recognition
  • representation in the cityscape
  • long-term increase of core audience
  • reputation benefits

Choose to make an impact – be creative with us! Become a TaikaBox collaborator!

Contact us at mail@taikabox.com and apply for a free online meeting where together we assess your priorities and design a plan to benefit all and celebrate the rise of innovation and creativity in your business!