Are you interested in dance? Or perhaps technology? We combine both to make something exciting and new.

Join our membership scheme to stay informed about our latest projects and opportunities, or even get more involved in our dance/tech community.

There are three levels of membership:


Sign up once, for free, and you will receive:

  • 3 or 4 newsletters each year.
  • access to our annual report and membership lists.
  • an invitation to participate in our AGM.







In addition to the newsletters and access to reports, you will have extra benefits:

  • behind the scenes footage from rehearsals and performances.
  • invitations to live broadcasts.
  • invitations to help choose projects and get involved with the creative process.
  • invitation to our AGM, the ability to vote on decisions made.
  • Access to our dance/tech online community.


In addition to the previous levels of membership, Gold members benefits include:

  • unique broadcasts of custom performances.
  • free tickets to premiere performances.
  • company logo on publicity.
  • other negotiable benefits including custom workshops, consultancy and unique content.




Free membership is - as the name suggests - absolutely free, it's basically a mailing list with privileges.

Silver membership is a subscription of €1 a year (needs a PayPal account with a card attached).

Gold is more of a corporate level and costs a one-off fee of €500.

All subscriptions and donations go towards funding TaikaBox ry to research and create new dance works and support outreach activities.

If you already have a Wordpress account, you can use this to sign up

By clicking one of the above buttons, you are stating that you agree with the aims of the association:

  • to explore new avenues and platforms for performance and production that can introduce new people to dance and that create ways to experience dance;
  • to support and develop artistic activity within a dance and technology remit, for example through projects, residencies and workshops;
  • to advance international partnerships and collaboration in dance and technology.