TaikaBox has been part of the CROWD network since its inception in 2020, helping to plan the project and hosting residencies in Summer of 2021 and 2022

Find out more about the programme and explore the 2022 and 2021 residencies further at crowd.dance.

Silja, Julian and Rita head off by boat to Varjakka Island with local legend Tapio Moilanen during the first week of the first residency of CROWD22

Rita Marcalo is the Artistic Director of Ireland-based Instant Dissidence, which is her way of bringing different artists together, in different combinations, to realise different ideas: through Instant Dissidence Rita invents ways of offering other people art experiences and solve creative problems. Rita will be on residency with us and Dance Limerick (Ireland).

Silja Tuovinen is a Finnish choreographer and researcher working between Oulu, Stockholm, and Berlin with both dance performance and film. She is interested in exploring different forms of collaboration and companionship as part of the artistic work, including both professional and non-professional communities. Silja will be on residency with us and Dance Limerick (Ireland).

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