Throughout July 2021, we are opening up the Konttori building on Varjakka Island on select days, and running a regular free ferry service to and from the island. As well as curious visitors, we welcome artists from all disciplines to use the island and Konttori as a creative space. There are many rooms in Konttori that can be used as studios or performance spaces, but please bear in mind that all spaces need to remain accessible by the public at all times. There is no running water or electricity on the island.

Art Lab 2021:

Monday 5th July
Wednesday 7th July
Friday 9th July

Monday 12th July
Wednesday 14th July
Friday 16th July

Monday 19th July
Wednesday 21st July
Friday 23rd July

Monday 26th July
Tuesday 27th July
Wednesday 28th July
Thursday 29th July
Friday 30th July

Monday 2nd August
Tuesday 3rd August
Wednesday 4th August
Thursday 5th August
Friday 6th August

The ferry leaves the mainland at 12:00 noon, returns at 14:00, leaves again at 14:30 and returns at 16:30

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