BusinessAsema & Startup Station (Hallituskatu 36, 90100 Oulu)
30.5.2024 18:00-20:30 



None of us knew that we needed an iPhone until we saw it. CULTUR€ – Matching with Busine$$ is not just an event – it is the start of a future ecosystem.

Do you know how culture and art can be used to produce and increase the value of companies?

Cooperation with culture and creative industries creates new opportunities to develop your company’s business, products and services. It is also a good way to reach new customers. With the help of cooperation, it is easier to create new innovations for all areas of business: ecological, economic and social sustainable development – without forgetting the well-being and productivity of the staff.

Now your company has the opportunity to gain international visibility and cooperation networks in the field of culture. Oulu will be the European Capital of Culture in 2026, and then all of Europe’s attention will be directed to Oulu. Are you ready?

At the CULTUR€ – Matching with Busine$$ event, you get to know other parties looking for cooperation, and you get help from experts to finance the cooperation. In addition, you get to see how other companies have utilized cultural services to find and increase added value.

At the event, you can enjoy a cozy chillout lounge to maximise your networking opportunities, the lounge area has snacks and drinks, live background music and art installations. The event will be hosted by the driving force of Radio Kaleva – Sini Salmirinne.

Sini Salmirinne is a hugely experienced journalist with an overwhelming passion for making radio. She is currently living her professional dream by piloting the northern Finnish local radio station Radio Kaleva.

The CULTUR€ – Matching with Busine$$ event is part of the EU Dance Hack project, which is supported by EU Creative Europe and Oulu2026. Our partners are: TaikaBox Ry, BusinessOulu, Radio Kaleva, Osuuskunta A. Vipunen, Kaltio Creative, TAIKE Luova network.


18:00 – 18:05 Kick-off performance: Nextier, Bosch Sensortec, TaikaBox ry

18:05 – 8:20 Welcome, Oulu2026, examples from around the world

18:20 – 18:30 Collaboration pitching

18:30 – 18:35 Cooperation ‘warming up’

18:35 – 19:00 Free mingling, introductions and clinics

19:00 – 19:10 Collaboration pitching

19:10 – 19:40 Panel discussion: Janne Viitamies (BusinessJyväskylä), Tamara Louis (UKI Arkkitehdit Oy / Oulun Nuorkauppakamari) ja Anna-Riikka Hirvonen (Oulun museo- ja tiedekeskus)

19:40 – 20:30 Free mingling + Chill Out Lounge


During the event, you can pitch to find partners. You can present your own product, service or even a new form of cooperation based on your skills. You have 2 minutes to present your proposal. Remember to book a pitch in advance during registration and briefly describe your topic.


Two types of clinic are offered at the event: individual consultancy and clinics aimed at groups, the goal of which is to support the development of collaborative projects. Book a suitable clinic when registering. Please only choose the clinics you actually plan to attend, so that there is room for everyone.

Creative network project clinic (individual clinic)

1) From an idea to a project
Do you have an idea in mind for strengthening the creative industry or utilizing professional expertise in new fields, but you are not sure how to proceed? Come and try different methods that make it easier to shape an idea into a project.

2) Applicability of the idea to European Social Fund+
Do you have a bright project idea, but still wondering if it is suitable for ESF+ funding? Come and discuss what to consider when considering a national or regional ESF+ application.

Sofia-Charlotta Kakko (Creative network project, Taike) spars with experts in creative fields in project ideation. Kakko has 15 years of experience in running ESR projects in the cultural sector, and now he works as a project manager in the Creative Network. The creative network coordinates the ESR+ theme of innovation expertise in the creative and cultural sector. The funding strengthens employment and skills in creative fields and the creative economy.

Creative solution – How do I present my idea in a business financing application? (group clinic)

Who it’s for: Companies in the creative industry or companies who have creative ideas that they would like to receive funding for. At Klink, you can get examples of what kind of development or financing needs AVEK digidemo and createmo, ELY’s development grant and Business Finland’s tempo are suitable for. At the clinic, you can discuss your own ideas and get useful tips for verbalizing your ideas in a funding application.

Katariina Imporanta is a brand strategist and CEO of Kaltio Creative, who wants to help the birth of a new kind of business that utilizes creative thinking. Katariina has a long experience in building various brands and creative concepts, strategy work, multidisciplinary business development and the search for funding.

Inventors’ Clinic (group and individual consultation)

At first glance, inventing, applied arts, and scientific research may seem very different. However, they all have innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and risk-taking in common. All these activities strive to produce something original, with an emphasis on real innovation. Creativity is at their very core, manifesting itself as new ideas, visions, and solutions. Inventions, applied arts, and scientific research all rely on the ability to identify and solve problems. Although the challenges are different, the problem-solving process is similar. Those active in these fields are also characterised by an eagerness to try new, seemingly impossible approaches and are willing to accept the ever-present risk of failure.

Inventors’ Clinic can help when the objective is to turn a new idea into a business. Inventors’ Clinic provides an inspiring communal experience and, when needed, offers confidential advice. In productization and commercialization, both in inventing and applied arts, it is essential to identify business opportunities, protect one’s intellectual property, find partners to collaborate with, and draft agreements.

Inventors’ Clinic consists of two components:

  • A communal, interactive event where the participants inspire one another to identify commercialization opportunities for their creations and share experiences on topics such as intellectual property protection, partners, and sources of information.
  • Confidential one-on-one meetings where the commercialization and protection possibilities of a new idea are carefully assessed. Expert assistance is provided by a patent attorney whose specialization is intellectual property and an innovation consultant, both with extensive experience in their areas of expertise. Participants are protected by non-disclosure agreements, so even the wildest new ideas can be discussed confidentially.

Jukka Berg is an innovation expert and the CEO of the inventor community Osuuskunta A. Vipusen, who has inspired and mentored hundreds of inventors and innovative companies. Jukka’s special field is SME IPR and business strategies, financial planning and tasks related to productisation and internationalisation. Jukka has extensive work experience in international tasks in business development and product development and marketing.