Oulu Dance Hack is an annual research and performance event that is organised by TaikaBox and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) to bring together art, industry and education in a unique way. Artists travel from all over the world to spend a week in Northern Finland, together creating new work that integrates dance and technology. Local industries contribute their products to the project, giving artists unique opportunities to work with new technologies and adapt them to a performance context.

The teams are augmented by dance and media students from OAMK, who work alongside the professional artists, gaining valuable experience.

The first three Hacks have been hosted in the EduLAB and Dance Department at OAMK, with support from JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, Finnish Cultural Foundation, BusinessOulu, Probot, Haltian, Delicode, Museum and Science Centre Luuppi, Playsign, smARTplaces – European audience development network, Berlin-based Isadora, eTOPIA – Spanish Art And Science Centre and Kulttuurivoimala – Culture Power Station. Some of the visiting artists have been supported by STEP travel grants from the ECF.

If you are an artist interested in exploring the process of integrating dance and technology, look out for the call in April each year. If you are a technology business - particularly those based in Oulu - and interested in new opportunities for testing, developing and documenting your product then please get in touch with TaikaBox.

DANCE/TECH Mini Hack at Oulu Game LAB on 25/03/19

A one-day creative space for dance artists, musicians, media artists, performers, etc.

TaikaBox and Playsign will be running simultaneous workshops in dancing with augmented reality (using Unity and Vuforia) and movement responsive sound (Kinect/MYO/LEAPmotion/Isadora/Ableton Live) and then combining the groups, leading to the creation of a short piece to be performed at the end of the day. 

Applications are open throughout February. Please email: mail@taikabox.com with your CV and a short letter stating why you are interested in attending and whether you would like to focus more on AR or sound.

Free of charge, but places are limited, we will choose the teams at the start of March.



DANCE/TECH Mini Hack at Oulu Game LAB on 25/03/19 A one-day creative space for dance artists, musicians, media artists, performers, etc. TaikaBox…

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