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Hacking the Dance

When TaikaBox moved from Cardiff, Wales to Oulu, Finland in 2015, we had a dream to set up a dance/tech studio where artists could experiment with the relationship between movement and technology. We’re still on that journey to having a permanent studio, and in the meantime, have found ways to […]

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Please Switch On Your Mobile Phones

Please Switch On Your Mobile Phones started out as a research project running throughout 2014, commissioned by the first round of the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts in Wales – Supported by Nesta, the Arts & Humanities Research Council and with public funding by the National Lottery through the Arts Council […]

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Born Old – The Evolution of a Show

Back in 2016 we wanted to make a new performance – something rooted in Finland – and chose Kalevala as the starting point. Kalevala is a 19th century epic poem based on ancient Finnish mythology and folk tales. It has become ingrained in Finnish culture to the point that it […]

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