Conversations with movers and shakers from around the world

“Always be yourself”

Føddur Gamal – the Faroese version of TaikaBox’s dance, digital art and storytelling performance ”BORN OLD” based on the Finnish epic poetry of Kalevala – premiered in May 2021 for the children of The Faroe Islands. Faroese singer and actress Eyð Berghamar Jacobsen was the one who delivered the old […]

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“The value of the each has risen”

Dance artist Annika Sillander is our partner in crime of making BORN OLD multilingual and international. Annika translated BORN OLD into Swedish and as we streamed the show to schools in Sweden and Western Finland, she performed alongside Marjo Kiukaanniemi, telling the story of the ecological and creative hero Väinämöinen […]

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“Most personal things can have a political sign”

Kat and Jared van Earle, 32 and 31, are dance artists from Oulu, Finland and Temora, Australia, based in Oulu. They have been bringing contemporary dance into the modern circus scene, contributing to the evolution of circus performance in general and partner acrobatics in particular. Their latest partner acrodance ”Shapes […]

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“Now Everyone is an Outsider”

TaikaTalk. Episode 1 Oulu based journalist Lölä Vlasenko interviewed TaikaBox’ co-founders – artists Tanja Råman and John Collingswood – about the new reality of contemporary performance  TaikaBox emerged onto the art scene of Northern Finland in 2015 having existed in an international – originally British – performance art context for […]

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