In the Summer of 2016, we spent some time in the studio researching into new methods of digital storytelling. Focussing on the Finnish epic poem, Kalevala, with the aim of eventually creating a show for children, we experimented with methods of top-down projection onto a circular dancefloor. The plan is to perform to around 30 or 40 children who are sat around the perimeter of the 4.5m diameter circle, including them in some of the elements of telling the story.

We spent a week in the dance department at OAMK with Marjo Kiukaanniemi, and then two days in Valve with Titta Court. Both dancers brought their particular skills into the project, and we worked on a number of practical, technical and aesthetic issues, coming up with some possible solutions.

This project has been funded by a CreaDemo grant from AVEK, with support from OAMK and Valve.

Summer Work Placements

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Tanja improvising with some MYO-driven movement sketches

Studio research with the MYO

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Benjiamino Borghi adopts the pose of a digital angel during a TaikaBox workshop

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